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Bridal Trial

A Bridal Trial can only be booked Tuesday-Thursday. 

To inquire for your wedding day please go to the 'Wedding Day Makeup' tab. 

Once you are booked with me for your wedding date can book your trial right online. The booking fee is also your bridal trial fee and for more information, please email me. Choose whatever event, or occasion works best for you. A trial is about 45 minutes to an hour long. We go over everything from your dress, colors, skin type, what you feel comfortable with and so much more! Airbrush and lashes are included! 

If you are looking to get your makeup done BEFORE booking with me you can just book a 'Professional Makeup Application.' The price does not go towards booking your wedding. 

Others can come in for a trial too, they can just book a 'Professional Makeup Application.'

The booking fee is due at the time of booking and covers your bridal trial which includes lashes and airbrush. If you are unable to do a trial the booking fee is still required to book. I do require a Bridal Trial if possible.

Bridal Trial: Service
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